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Quality & Service

Handmade in Europe

The majority of our products are designed and produced in Denmark and other EU countries. Our Danish and European production means a stronger advantage that allows us to ensure both high product quality and good working conditions.

Every single design is hand made from the finest materials such as solid wood, wool, metallic, marble, leather and love.

Up to 30 months warranty

At Kuhl Home, we know that solid materials combined with honest craftsmanship means quality furniture that lasts. That’s why our suppliers are happy to offer you a 30 months product warranty on a wide range of sofas and furniture pieces.

Tailor made for you

Our designs are available in a million ways, and in that one special way that fits you; only you. You can choose model, size, cover, colour and material and combine these features to bring your identity into our designs. Our suppliers hand make it all for you using our finest materials and a big scoop of love.

Quality and great value

Our aim is to provide high quality furniture that will last for many years.

We minimize the usage of low-durability materials such as chipboard, laminated chipboard, board-on-frame etc. These low cost materials are heavily used in the furniture business, but are not entirely environmentally friendly because of their low quality, durability and high waste rate.

European REACH standards

At Kuhl Home, we are proud to provide furniture that is safe for you, your loved ones and the environment.

Our suppliers carefully follow and respect the high EU REACH standards, avoiding the use of potentially harmful chemicals with known long-term adverse effects on humans and/or the environment. These are often found in cheap furniture and may trigger allergic reactions.

Our Blog

monochrome bg and eos lamp

Palette of the week: Monochrome

Three weeks ago, we did a palette on Gentle, and Warm Neutrals. This week, we’ll be focusing on the genuine monochromatic neutrals: black, grey and white, showing you how these seemingly drab colours can still be fun to play with. Top left: Normann Copenhagen’s Tablo side table Top middle: Normann Copenhagen’s Bell pendant, Normann Copenhagen’s …

SM87 Skovby  (7)

Shrinking homes is an epidemic

  To compromise on the size of your furniture or to get a bigger home? At Kuhl Home, we liberate you from this dilemma. One piece of furniture serves you in several ways!   Can tables be flexible too? As much as most designer furniture tend to be over-sized and gaudy to make a statement, …

Cabin Bed 595px x 738px 1

Palette of the week: Fun, Block, Colour

How to make your space unique? Bolia could help – try colour blocking! It is a technique which combines different colours without patterns. Here’s the fun, block, colours palette to get you into the mood. Top left: Workbox, Madison sofa Top middle: Hannah sofa, Aura sofa Top right: Hannah sofa Bottom left: Doze sofa, Symbiosis …

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Palette of the week: Gentle & Neutral

Natural colours are your most versatile – not only can they connect colours in a scheme; they also can used as a form of contrast. If you fancy it, your entire room could be orchestrated around this palette as well. Due to their seamless association to the natural world, they generate a casual, receding effect …

What’s so spectacular about a Silversparkle Bed

What’s so spectacular about the Silver Sparkle?

What comes to mind when we say ‘Silver Sparkle’? Think pixie dust, Christmas lights and stars – all the whimsical elements in the world which inspires a twinkle of hope in your child’s eyes. That’s exactly how we’d love our kids to feel like while dwelling in their little space.   A theme of magic …

Little girl snoozing on Princess Pillow

Sweet dreams for your little ones

Selecting a bed for your children should be a breeze. Regardless of their age, what appeals to them, or how active they are, we urge you to find a versatile bed which supports your child’s growth. Beds with adventure and rest, all-in-one Keep your kids busy with the Hangout bed – In the day, they …

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How to safely deal with heavy furniture

Guest blog written by: Justin Lee of Write Handed When it comes to moving, one of the biggest challenges is dealing with furniture. Bulky essentials such as refrigerators, beds or wardrobes will need extra care and effort. One aspect often ignored when dealing with these items is safety. While accidents could happen, here are a …


Here’s How to Make the Best of Tiong Bahru

Guest Blog written by: Andreea Serb of GreyLoft The cool neighbourhood of Tiong Bahru has been experiencing many changes in the past years, attracting both expat residents and travellers alike. Judging from the number of hip cafes, quirky boutiques and sleek restaurants, the eclectic neighbourhood of Tiong Bahru is ever-flourishing. In the past years, this …